Welcome to Assured Estate Planning.

We are an independent advisory service, set up to ensure that everyone has access to free and important information regarding their Will, Trust and Funeral Planning options.

We do not Administer Trusts, Wills or  Funeral Plans. We are there to provide you with all the information you need to make an Informed Choice. We then assist you by assuring you get exactly what you require.

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How We Work ~  Benefits Of Independence

How We Work

We work on behalf of people to make sure they get all the right information without any prejudices.

Our role is to put you in an informed position so you know what your options are, what to look for, questions to ask and answers to expect from a professional provider of those services.

Should you wish to look further into any of the options, we are able to assist, partnering with recognised leading industry providers, that have been highly vetted. This ensures your satisfaction and protection, moving a pace that you control.

Benefits Of Independence 
  • You benefit from straight, clear advice on all options, rather than what an individual company offers.
  • The recommended Provider and Plan will meet all your wishes and safety requirements.
  • Complete Peace of mind. Knowing your Estate, your Family and your Funeral are protected.
  • Independent advice costs you no more, All the Benefits none of the costs. Each provider pays exactly the same, irrespective of whether it comes from its own consultant or an independent advisor.
  • Independent Advice means you get the best available for you. Not just what the Direct Supplier can offer.
  • No Pressure + No Selling = No Hassle.  
How We Get Paid

The good news is that when you accept one of our recommended Funeral plan providers, the cost for your solution costs you no more, than if you went direct to them or to another provider. It comes out of the providers normal marketing costs.  So you benefit from a Professional Service ~ at no risk ~ guaranteeing you the best results at no further cost!

If you choose to use our Will Writing or Trust Writing service. You are using one of the most respected services in the industry. Written using the Society Of Will Writers own leading software. Guaranteeing you peace of mind and security.