Wills & Trusts Guide

Wills & Trusts ~ Essential Guide

Thanks you for your interest in our Essential Guide to Trusts. You will find it very helpful and informative.

It will also cover additional areas such as,

  • Main  Considerations
  • Lasting Power Of Attorney – Types and When To Use
  • Inheritance Tax – What You Can Do To Reduce Them
  • Gifts, Annual Allowances And How to Maximise Them
  • Property Protection – Against Medical Care Costs
  • The different Types of Will / Trust And When To Use Them
  • The Roles in A Trust
  • Decision Tress ( Flowcharts ) To Help You Decide Whats Best For You

There is similar information in the site, but there is a lot to think about and the  purpose of the Guides is to give you an off line reference point and information source. We hope you find them useful.

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